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Hello there
I am looking for ICT notes or PDFs. I have been trading for a few months. I watched all ICT You Tube content. I am looking for more content. Where or how can I connect with Mr. Micheal Huddleston? I would like to take a one to one mentorship? Anyone has his email address? Also / any ICT content or links? Thank you


Solid point, Gon! I am a new member and an aspiring FX trader. I've been trading on/off for over a year, but haven't set a foundation or a deep understanding how and when to trade. There's a lot of information on YouTube and I came across ICT. Watched some videos and come to know I am hooked to his content, the best by far. Just with watching a few videos of his, I can tell the journey of becoming a professional trader, will at least be challenging. I think the reward will be greater than the challenge. I must admit; I've been consumed with retail logic, so my learning curve will take some time. I have a question to you and anyone else that has an interest in my thread. If you are following ICT, which series should I watch first (in what order)? Right now, I am overwhelmed with his material, but good to say the least. I really want to give ICT a fair shake in learning the methods/techniques of his. Any feedback from you or anyone would be greatly appreciative. Looking to establish a common experience with you all!


Yes, it is a recurrent question. ICT makes a lot of emphasis in fractality, therefore everything is applicable to any timeframe. From 10-seconds to 1 year or whatever.

You will have to understand the market flow and learn it. Then you will eventually be able to spot it on your charts.

I think that WENT+Sniper+Precision is all what you theoretically need...

The problem is that ICT is a bit complex and putting all the pieces together requires time. So you will be end up watching the ForexMas, the Christmas videos and all the pack. Michael has released interesting series such as the Price action lectures and others, like OTE pattern recognition (this one seems basic but it is really an advanced material imo and you need to be quite good at ICT to understand it). The High probability scalping videos are great too.

But all you need is, as I say, Sniper Scout + Precision and WENT. ForexMas I think has also money management videos (or the Christmas series, I cannot remember). That would allow you, if you study it repeatedly and practice, to develop a working strategy with a terrific win ratio.

The problem is that even if one of the keys to ICT is within Scout Sniper, it is not that easy to assimilate it.

Michael has opened a telegram group and he is active on a weekly basis:

I don't know how much it will last, because the trolls always end up ruining the public channels.


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Thank You so much for your work. I found Ict tools pretty reasently and was looking for he`s older consepts and now I found them.

Thank You and Good trading!
Hie , I cant manage to download the stuff , can you please share them
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