Inner Circle Trader Notes

Ntsako Nhone

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New York Open Session Tactics. In the torrent, there's an entire video on different aspects. It's a little rougher to trade than LO through NYO, though. At least on Fiber/Cable.
Hi where you able to download the pdfs? I was unable to do,if you by chance were able to do so can you please send them to me


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Hello everyone,

So I have pretty much taken notes on every Inner Circle Trader video out there and I figure now that he is going on a break it would be a good time to share these notes. I will share them as I read through them once more and make sure that everything makes sense and is understandable. There are probably some grammar mistakes due to trying to type notes really fast while watching the videos. I took the notes in Microsoft OneNote (amazing note-taking software) and will be exporting them to PDF for you guys. It will be great for reading on the iPad or device of your choice.

I am guessing these will be in pretty high demand because I have mentioned these notes in the past and got a few private messages requesting them.

Let me know if there are any problems with downloading the files.

** Files with an asterisk means that there are some notes that I believe to be untrue in them. I don't know if it was me taking bad notes or ICT getting mixed up. The notes within those documents that I believe to be untrue are also labeled with an asterisk. It would be great if someone could confirm.

1. Inner Circle Trader - Intro to Forex (DOWNLOAD)
2. Inner Circle Trader - Risk Management (DOWNLOAD)
3. Inner Circle Trader - Support & Resistance (DOWNLOAD)
4. Inner Circle Trader - Top Down Analysis * (DOWNLOAD)
5. Inner Circle Trader - Interest Rate Overlay Tutorial (DOWNLOAD)
6. Inner Circle Trader - Intro to Fibs & Pivots (DOWNLOAD)
7. Inner Circle Trader - Core Concepts (DOWNLOAD)
8. Inner Circle Trader - COT, Sentiment, Open Interest, Range Cycles (DOWNLOAD)
9. Inner Circle Trader - Trade Psychology (DOWNLOAD)
10. Inner Circle Trader - The Excellence of Execution (DOWNLOAD)
11. Inner Circle Trader - Trade Forex Like the Insiders (DOWNLOAD)
Hello Jack,
I was trying to download these notes but I was unsuccessful. What am I doing wrong?