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Hello Everyone. Am new to trading and glad to come here for help and guidance from the seasoned traders on the inside ways of the market navigation.
Thank you all in advance and I hope to have a good communication and help as I navigate my way up the market through your assistance.
Jack, Thanks for the welcome.
Hi Everyone. I'm happy to be here. I'm into bots for quite some time already, but feel like missing some important puzzle pieces. I'm sure, I can do better and look forward to some insights and fruitful discussions here.
Hi Everyone, Glad to be here. I have been struggling with making consistent profit. I am presently working on psychology and building a winning strategy that resonate with my personality.
Anyone who need ICT VIDEOS ..LET ME KNOW
Are these videos from Michael's free ones on YouTube?
Hey, I need some ICT videos. Please share
Please I need the videos. Thank you
FTMO Trader Scouting