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Well who's up for a mini course on Trading Forex?

We will cover 8 stages in developing as a Forex Trader and the core principles you will find useful as a New Trader. I will present you an installment upon it's completion via YouTube. There will be simple - yet powerful teachings - that if used properly... consistency is achievable.

The Curriculum - ICT Scout Sniper Basic Field Guide



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mgk4351 said:
sorry, new and where do we watch the there someplace we need to sign into??

I believe ICT plans on updating this thread once it's out. So nothing else special needed to view (registered for the forum or not.)

I think it will be a video included since his twitter says he started production on it about an hour or two ago. So just hang in there. :p
yes ..i am in .!!!!

i am done with hunting for ict videos online and begging others to send me the videos . My first real experience !!!! gehts los leute

danke von Deutschland

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