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A while back, I realized that, as Canadians, we can set up Tax-Free Savings Accounts, and use those accounts to trade stock options totally tax free.

Let me say that again.

You can, in Canada, trade stock options, and all of your gains are 100% tax free.

I also realized that ICT started out as a stock and options trader.

I put two and two together, and sent him an email wondering if I could get any advice for trading options.

He got back to me last night (maybe the night before - I'm extremely sick at the moment, so this week has been a bit of a blur) saying that he would be able to teach all we need to know about options trading in 1 session, and that he will host a session if I can drum up enough interest on the forums.

So, fellow Canadians (and I guess non-Canadians too, if you are at all interested in options trading), how many of you are interested in learning how to trade options so you can take advantage of the fact that you effectively earn an extra 30-50% on every trade you make because you aren't paying taxes?

Hopefully we get enough people interested that we can get ICT to put together a session.
Not a Canadian, but I'd love to sit in. More information is always useful, especially as I don't know the asset class.
Doing some reading, it strikes me that ICT would spend most of the time dealing with Risk Management and not losing all of your profits in Commissions.
I see we've had some interest in this - can we get a few more people replying with either definitive "yes's" or "no's?" I want to peer pressure Michael into getting this course done sooner rather than later.
You guys are awesome - I'm going to pester Michael until he gives a specific date and time for the course! I'll post here when I know for sure.
I'm in of course, I cannot rule out another teaching experience provided by ICT-my best in the west Tutor.

While many Rabbits are dead, ICT has given his Options Teaching. >:D


And it's really simple, even if it takes him 1+ hour to get through.

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