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Hi guys!
Right now i'm reading he's supertrader book. It seems like a great work.
I also went to hes website to take the traders personality test, and the guy
basically nailed my type of trader, with the strenghts along the weaknesses.(i've been impressed by it)
He reminded the study a few times in hes book. Checked it out,
and its a rather pricey for me now at 800 buck's(altough i'll cough it out if its good)Specially
since when i searched for results in the web they were very mixed.
Wondered if any of you guys took the course and if its worth the time
,price and effort.If someone could give me a recommendation i would be thankful.
I'm assuming you mean the 'Peak Performance Home Study Course'?

It's a bit costly.. though, I haven't seen it myself so I can't say if it's worth the price tag or not.

I will say that I like his written work, so I imagine that his courses are of the same or greater quality.

I wouldn't rush into such a purchase... if you like the author, and the author 'clicks' with you, then first try to consume any and all free resources by the author and binge on it til you've had your fill.

Two things come of this:

- If you're still hungry for more, you can look for another book (cheap) to expand on what you have already covered. A book doesn't usually cost as much as a course (most of Van Tharp's books look to be around $25-30,) so this is a good return on investment even if you only take one or two new ideas away from the text.

And, since in most cases a "course" will mostly be built on top of the same information already found in other resources by the author, most of what you are paying for is the exercises / worksheets / guided journals, etc.. so you may not even require these steps after consuming the main points and ideas the author explained in their other material. (This comes down to individual learning preferences I suppose, but a self directed learner can gain just as much directing themselves with appropriate information than with a course that does the guiding part for them.)

So, dig out google, and start "van tharp"-ing around to see what's available. Example, I found this 1 hour lecture / class he gave on YouTube:
If I remember correctly Van Tharp's Peak Performance course is audio only.

The course is $870 which still seems rather expensive.

Have it buried somewhere from someone who no longer trades. Never got around to listening, doubt he did either, due to being lazy as well. Read some of the books, which seem pretty good, although it was several years ago.
Jack,thanks for the valuable insight and info as always.I'm learning from your feedback's very much.I'll just peak around more before i'll spend that kind of money.
Hey Rod!
Via audio is also good,i don't really mind.I dont care if he'll send it as a paintbook to 5yr olds,as long as i'll succeed to extract some value from it. ;D
I really liked he's supertrader book too.If i wasn't, i wouldn't consider to spend money on him for sure. :)
" The course is $870 which still seems rather expensive......."


those who can't trade run workshops.

Tharp's son took all the courses and was trained by VKT.
he failed at trading.
another trading idol falling off the almost empty shelf.


Van could have been a good pit local, the hand signals are over the top.

spark one up when you watch his stuff and the visual pain will go away.........:)

;D ;D ;D
Are you serious?
Take for example someone like Larry Williams.He's got great and very useful concepts,although if you look at he's results on hes site,they aren't sooooo great like you would expect.

"...NFA fines Larry Williams for not reporting to potential clients that, while his personal account in a promotional 1987 contest was very profitable ( a gain of + $902,599 ), his managed accounts for clients lost substantial funds ( - $6,122,281 ).

This constituted deceptive and unbalanced promotional material and disclosure statements.

Details in William Gallacher's book Winner Take All.

Footnote -- In July 1988, the Larry Williams Financial Strategy Fund was launched, followed in March 1989 by the World Cup Championship Fund, managed by Larry Williams, Jake Bernstein and two others.

The 1988 fund lost more than 50% of its clients' equity in barely one year, as reported in the October 1989 issue of Futures magazine.

The 1989 fund also lost more than half of its original equity by May 1990. ..."

Jake the snake is Larry's buddy and permanently banned from the NFA.

i luv larry and jake, the 50% off bro's...........:)

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