Trying to locate prop firm that purchased my automated trading system

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I entered a business deal with another trader. We designed an automated trading system to trade the futures market. Without my knowledge he has now sold this idea to one of the big prop firms in Chicago or NYC and cut me out. I do not know any more details than this but would like to track down who purchased this and start court proceedings.

I hear that there is a board or forum at the CBOT where firms share information on technology they are buying, so that one person cannot sell the same idea to several of the funds and rip people off.

If anyone knows how I could start the process of tracking down this deal I would be most appreciative.

Sounds like you're legal recourse is with your former partner, not any random firm who bought from him.
Yeah agreed, it sounds like you would start that process... And a subpoena or two later you'll have the answer anyway.
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