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I am wondering if you could suggest me a trustworthy broker that is offering ctrader deskrop platform. I have seen ctrader and strictly speaking it rocks! However, the reputation and regulation of a broker are very important things to me. I am currently trading with Dukascopy >:D but I am really angry with them cuz a) jforex platform sucks :mad: and b) last month trades slippage is unacceptable :mad:. The last ten days I am reading reviews about the brokers on the ctrader list but I am a bit confused. (Many complaints and bad reviews for all of them. }
Any ideas from the forum. Help needed.
Thanks in advance folks.


PS. Although I am not a very active forum guy FXgears and ICT ROCKS.
Hi hybridtrader,
I'm not a user of cTrader but the Spot FX Broker I trade though, Pepperstone, does provide cTrader.

I have traded through Pepper for about 3 years. The only issue I have ever had was a short period of downtime/latency about 12 months ago that was server related.

Any queries are handled quickly and succinctly. If a Rep is unsure my query is transferred to someone with knowledge of the issue.

Nice tight spreads, quick execution, stable trading environment and fast trouble free bank transfers.

Do your own Due Diligence.

Man, what is it with this Ctrader. :p

Yeah, as Alpha mentioned, Pepperstone is topnotch. For now in my opinion. But, brokers can turn on dime... They seem to be as honest as it gets these days.

Been there with reading reviews and trying to sort out the crap from the real. Ain’t easy. Competitors, idiots, frustrated traders, IBs, etc, cloud up what’s real.

Don’t forget to look up rebates.

Good luck!
ctrader is quite similar of what I had been using in the past as a sports trader. The whole platform looks very intuitive so…
Pepper is going to introduce it, next year. Is there anyone that has an account with IC markets or FXpro? :-\

Anyway, thanks for the replies guys.

After cleaning up the bicker fest we just had about rebates.. I'd like to make a few things clear:

  • I agree that the rebate industry is a burden, and prevents brokers from competing on lower fees since they 'rebate' has to come from somewhere.
  • I also agree with Ramy's sentiment, if the money is there, take it. As from a consumer point of view it makes sense. And the broker would not facilitate it if they weren't still making money in other ways.
  • I also am aware that using rebate providers as a huge marketing engine can help brokers gain market share quickly (but at a high price, and locking them into the model once they've achieved a high enough market share to no longer require it.) So there is a utility to rebate IBs for some brokers.

(Obviously these points conflict with each other. They are just based on different ways of looking at the market; from a business and cost perspective, and as a trader.)

If you're really interested in my thoughts on the matter: I lost my cool on the subject about a year ago when an article appeared in Forex Magnates:
(Go to the comments section and look for "Jack Larkin"... also notice the people flooding into that comment section to defend the rebate industry since they work on the inside and depend on it, some even say things that aren't even true just to make the business model seem more legit.. sad really.)

That being said, I'm going to ask that we not talk about rebates on FXGears.

That sounds odd, but the reasoning is this: The entire rebate industry is run by Introducing Agents or IBs. The forum rules mentions that brokers are allowed to have a representative join the forum, so long as they only act in a "customer service" capacity and do not spam or post promotional material. Since IAs/IBs are not the brokers themselves, and the specific kind that only does marketing or rebates for brokers does not add value through their own products or services, they'd fall under the promotional / spam posting side of things for brokers. So I'd like to avoid creating big discussions that would encourage seeing them appear on the forums.

Not to mention that a few entities in the rebate industry now push for their clients to spam the web for them through various referral and multi-level-marketing programs. Clients literally get paid pennies to ruin their good name on forums and link build for these IBs. Not cool. So avoiding the temptation for some users to do this would be awesome as well.

So we're done here :p Let's not continue this bickering, and move on.
Alpha-Bet said:
I'm not a user of cTrader but the Spot FX Broker I trade though, Pepperstone, does provide cTrader.

Pepper's cTrader release will be soon... really soon.. but still not public let. They've been way delayed in bringing it to market, but once it's ready it will be solid.

I've played with a pre-release version of it... so I can tell you they are nearly ready. :p
[quote author=Owen Kerr]
Owen Kerr, Director of Pepperstone an Australian FX broker says “Rebate providers are great advocates for our business, they help clients avoid the pitfalls of selecting a broker, including steering clients away from some of the more unscrupulous operators in the Retail FX marketplace”. Traders in FX markets use websites, forums and review sites to assess brokers, Owen adds “Having a 3rd party endorse your firm gives clients confidence in their broker and generally results in higher deposits”.

Don't totally agree with his view. But, think my point is clear and rest my case.


Thanks for the link Jack.

P.S. Would appreciate this not being deleted like all my other comments where. Thks. :p
Ramy3 said:
P.S. Would appreciate this not being deleted like all my other comments where. Thks. :p

Totally going to keep this one. :p lol

That quote also backs up the third bullet point in my post earlier. (Not to mention it highlights were my ideology differs from some brokers in this arena.. but in the end I don't blame brokers like Pepper for liking such types of IBs given they help rapidly grow business.)

But in the end I don't own a brokerage, nor do I work for one, so perhaps my tune would change if I faced the kind of stats/business/environment the average brokerage does in the FX world.

Anyhoo... moving on :p
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