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May the pips be with you!

lol.. nice fred

Side thought: As much as I love lobster, I totally dig oysters since the are alive (or should be to avoid food poisoning) when you eat them 'raw'.

PS. One more post and your account roams free without pending moderation. :)
I cried when I saw this comment Lol.

Last time i went out with guy he kissed me only after i agreed to question "Can I kiss you?" same for holding hands and such. Oh I want to find religion that says "After death you become anime character." so i can get happy afterlife.
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Zarsthor 1 month ago
But you might end up in a hentai :(
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Just finished painting the Cs on my B. Looks nice! :) Love doing this stuff.

Yep. The one and only ride you are getting. So enjoy!

Edit:Fucked up coincidence. About an hour after posting this, I found out that one of my friends just died. Freak accident. Man, WTF!

R.I.P Sylvain. May the after life bring you peace...
Best food ever! Kraft dinner!Just had some with my own mix of extra ingredients. Hmmmm! :)
Jack said:
It's been forever since I've had one... I miss them.

Looks like I'll be hitting up the grocery store tonight. >,>
Isn’t nasty food soooo good, lol. Having one right now. Ketchup this time, lol. :)

I usually eat healthy, but tonight is the night... :)

Once a week, I indulge myself with garbage, hmmm, feels soooo gooood, lol.
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