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This trading model makes pips all week long...
Need an edge?
I have decided to possibly end my subscription blog & vlog service in Feb 2017
Until then I will still provide the best core action concept trading model videos of my own
My main mentor that has shown me the way, is none other than ICT... 8)



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why not load at the euro bux .86 retrace and ride it up to the 3 exit doors.

while you are sitting around doing zip on the cable bux waiting for the demoballer, run some cars on all the pin and engulfing bars all over the charts.

its all fractal.



the golden gun

GdayFx said:
USDCAD trade example - confluence levels to intra day buy model 60 pips 1 risk 2 reward
ugh, this is so sad to see.

you realize mikey was revealed as a total scam artist... to the tune of $300/month off of 850 sheeple... right?!

you can do as many arts & crafts doodling contest videos as you want... don't change the fact you will never make real $$ profit trading this shit.

prove me wrong... if you can 8)