Straight Line Trader


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We have a new trading model program designed for new and old traders, a trading model that is easy to follow and adopt to.
All you need is solid foundation to start from, to start building your career off of.
If you know or have studied Michaels educational series, then this model will definitely suite your style. Its the only way to turn a bad trader into a good one.
I have been there and done all the stupid things, losing hard earned cash. Once I got a grip on my self and started adopting money management into a tuned trade model, Boom! the consistency took over. Even with a good system in place, you can be profitable or breaking even when you are not doing that well.
I dont need to share my knowledge to other traders, though I do know what some of you are going through and I enjoy maintaining the website I have created since 2013. I have paid for other services, the ones that count. others that taught me sweet fa. Will my service be right for you? maybe not, all I know is that it works fairly well for me as far as consistency goes. Keep on trading!