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Seen this guys video's slating ICT, fantastic fun.

However anyone got any idea of his trading method based on this ICT lenght video!



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I quite like some of his earlier video, not the latest, in both form (terrible imho) and content

His Trading Method is a form of Grid Trading, of which I'm not a fan.

Not dismissing him out of hand, just does not fit my personality, although some of his other material is pretty interesting


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in his latest he explains his 'grid' methodology at about the 50min mark

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“Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one but they think each others stink.”

Those two stink more than most.


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Entertaining to watch. . not 100% on some of his methods but if it works for him.

Glad more skeptics with experience are out there calling people out.


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good video

People tend to 'find' a reason for a market move

addresses Causality ie lack of ie the market is what it is