New Years (Trading) Resoultions

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I did a thread like this last year on another forum, time to revive it! :D

The title says it all, what's your New Years resolutions for trading?

What will you resolve to do better in the new year?

What do you plan on improving?

What will you start doing new in 2014?

What will you try to cut out in the new year?


What's your trading new years resolution?
Personally, I'm going to resolve to the following:

Get better at balancing work and life. (Since my 'work' involves trading, this qualifies as a trading resolution..:p)

Spend more time being patient in the market... In the last little bit, I've had a few trades where I cut them early or bailed long before I should have, resulting in less profit than the trade/risk deserved. Being conservative (risk wise) is a good thing but not when it has you jumping out of winning trades.

Push myself a bit more out of my comfort zone. Try new things. Always be dynamic and growing.

Size up. Damit. >,<
I will continue my trading adventure slowly and patiently, trusting it is the best way. One day you will see me posting a live trade - successful or not. :party:
Do the mind & body thing. Eat healthier and get back to exercise routine I neglected in the latter part of the year. So some discipline in this area.

Other then that, just hit the buy or sell button.

Any New Years resolution that is carried through with conviction, making a trader happy & healthy has to be a positive when sitting in front of the screens.
My resolutions: 8)

1) I want to open a new account and continue trading according to my own trading system and using my experiences from my last year account which I could return 80%. My target for this year is 100% profit.

2) Study as hard as possible for my Master's degree and becoming the top student.

3) Finding new friends.

4) Starting a trading journal and share my results every weekend.
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