" Hide My Ass " IP Proxy.

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you can " hide your ass " from the rest of the world.

change your ip address on all platforms including your mobile devices.



Not really related to CNS' VPN service, so I move this to it's own topic. :p


Yeah, thanks to the droves of shady types who use such proxy services to spam the world, most people using that service in particular will have trouble registering for an account here.


About specifically using a proxy for trading related activity, routing all traffic through a 3rd party would end creating another point of failure (not to mention adding latency between you and the broker.) So, just make sure the reasoning you have behind using a proxy are worth it.

One valid use I've seen of proxies is a US trader would use a proxy service in the UK to trade exotic options with European brokers/banks who would otherwise detect he was connecting from the US and reject his business. This was combined with using a relative's UK address for the account details.
With a Proxy or VPN service, it's a question of "What do I want to do with it?".

If you're checking your accounts while traveling, use a secure VPN. You're just asking for trouble. (And you better have a good way to lock down your Laptop as well)

For Home Usage, it's more of an issue of proper Computer Security measures for your Trading setup. Which is a nice way of saying: only use it for trading AND DON'T SURF PORN ON THAT COMPUTER. :) If you've got a pretty complex setup, I'd recommend 2 internet connections. One dedicated to your trading desk and the other for everything else.

Though a VPN could actually improve latency, even with the security stacks, depending on your ISP and the routes. This is known as "you really shouldn't use Comcast, it just goes badly".
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