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Hi wanted to ask you how you gonna act on the Bullish order blocks when the MS is bearish, what kind of bounce u expect if any at all?


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dentist007 said:
4 hour data
35 pips by 1 reversal
close plot
we gotta fake
now back in support
any indication, is a good indicator, when combined with the knowledge you already have...
When is the best time to pull out that tool?
Impulsive market?
Sideways market?
Bear/bull market correction?


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daily data
we can see the trend quite clearly that started in summer 2013
di you buy all the dips ?? we did...
now...from january this year price got real distinctive trend...that is why i posted the 4 hour yesterday of that area which consisted of an upmove ,a wide consolidation and then a fake....easy stuff when you know the trend



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Apparently I left so much on the table during Friday's trading session:



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Well, it WAS a Friday, so I don't blame yourself too much. It's one of those HTF bits that it was up to.

1.7110 has been there rolling Support for 2 weeks. 1.7040 is the next lower HTF Key Support & Order Block collection. Friday appears to be several major players just unwound a massive amount of their Sell Positions, and possibly flipped them, but we'll see.

I think everyone was surprised that happened on a Friday. Though it was a little funny to watch it bounce between levels on the chart for a few weeks.



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Piper said:
Shop's cahuna.. If ya arrive to the 5.7 you can go shopping ;)
Hah... nice.

I've been meaning to dig into that style of trading for a long time now. Glad you're finding some traction with it. :)


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Ok, let's try this again... Pound, if you could not run way past my TP and make me feel like I'm a chump for leaving so much on the table, that'd be great...

(Talk of potential rate hike talk by BoE was sending the pound down.. I was to enter after the economic news release that caused the first big jolt down you see on the chart, but I was way late and didn't want to chase it.. so I took it after it pulled a little back and settled thinking we'd make another leg down, aiming for the obvious stops are obvious level as a target.)