French election 2017 / Euro thread

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Who's gonna hold a position into this weekend (french election)?

The long shot have been winning out so far.. Brexit, trump, etc.. will we see a Le Pen win in France?

Thinking long vol, short eur/jpy into Friday.
Zilch, zero chances of Le Pen winning, just will not happen.

Strangely Trump is Macron's trump card, and Le Pen's raising of the fake news was the icing on his cake.

Having said that the different question is Eur/Jpy and it's likely reaction - everyone has their eye on that gap.
And it's a biggie, very much a Euro gap - the rest got closed, well near enough as will do on Usd/Jpy.

Even Eur/Gbp did the business as did Gbp/Jpy - can the poor old derided Euro break the mould?
Nice... and FX markets are acting like the win was priced in already.. also nice. lol
a bankster lite weight and totally useless.



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France is a Socialist Basket Case, drowning in a self entitled Civil Service. Macron will be unable to unwind the mess
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