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I am going to start a trading journal also. It will keep me honest with myself and a good reference to analyze my trades. I am looking for 50 plus pip setups. Preferably a swing trade. I do not trade everyday and risk but .5-1% per trade. I am though looking at the market most days.
Todays trade
The reason for taking the trade was the gap open on Sunday of over 100 pips. It is a very inefficient move and continued to climb looking for Thursdays highs of the previous week. So, I set my order to take me into the market above those highs. With the though of the market sweeping the highs for a move down. Or a Turtle soup sell coined by ICT.With such a large inefficient move we can hope to see a good bounce down or setup for a continuation down.

Stop loss 20 pips
Target 129 pips
1/2 off at 80 pips
moved stop loss +50
went to sleep after
I am going to have to figure out how to post pictures
Awesome :)

Images can be posted as detailed here: http://fxgears.com/forum/index.php/topic,29.0.html

Keep in mind, it's not just about your trade stats, but the thoughts/observations that lead you to take/search out a given setup.

Good luck and happy journaling.


I placed this trade with the fundamentals of the Canadian dollar weakening. Having a pullback into the 70% retracement of the low on 7/31 to the high of 8/22-23. Risk is 1 % and will try to have a position trade with the idea of continued weakness of the CAD.

Tapped out as all know how USD has played out. Back to the drawing board.


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Looks good, but since you're fighting the recent trend, keep that stop hard.

USDCAD might even punch a little higher than that if we get a clean change in trend. I'm not saying to change your trade at all, but have you ever though of taking the majority of a given trade off the table and hold onto a small bit to see how far she runs?


PS. one more post and you'll be able to post without moderation (5).
short bounce reversal.



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shopster said:
it holds water at 101.


Remind me what MA period that line is? :p

On a fundamental note: I always want the loonie above parity, not just for our (Canadian) economy and exports benefiting, but because most of my accounts are settled in USD.. lol
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