Best broker?

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Just when i think i've chosen who i want to use when i come off of demo i hear a bad thing about them so which brokers do people recommend and why?
IC Markets (only for Fiber)

Spreads, Longevity, ASIC compliant
Pepper and Axi aren't bad choices.

I'm also pointing out DarwinEx at this point.
Which broker is the best for US citizens?

Hard call. There aren't many good choices but as far as CFTC compliant brokers go, Oanda is one of the few choices in the US I'd point out.
There are many brokers available in the market and you can choose one of them. But before choosing a broker you must research it on the web and read reviews on the different review sites.
I mean, I actively recommend Pepperstone for a number of reasons related to quality of execution, trust, and customer service.

For non-US citizens, there's a promo on right now where people signing up through the link found here can get their first 20 trades commission free:
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