FTMO Trader Scouting


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I'm new to this forums, trying to catch up. But I'll start here first (hope I'm not in the wrong section!)
I have read a thread about xglobal markets that I saw on Forex Factory and they seem to have a good offering. Has anyone here had any experience with them?
Appreciate the help!

I "generally" suggest you use brokers who are regulated better than CySEC... who also don't base their operations out of Cyprus.

Trading is about risk management, right?
Sure, I was interested in FinFX until they decided to rout their clints funds through Cyprus, "in the interests of the clients" ofcourse!
I see some reference to xglobalmarkets being an STP broker but on the website it says ecn. Is xglobal markets a true STP broker?
I cannot recommend xglobal

I would, however, point out Pepperstone, as they are regulated by multiple jurisdictions in Europe (UK, Germany, etc..) and have excellent execution quality.
FTMO Trader Scouting