Would You Actively Use a Trader's Chat Room?

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Trader's Chat Room?

  • Yes, but only if it was exclusive to FXGears Members

    Votes: 21 72.4%
  • Yes, but I would like it to reach a greater audience (like feeding into IRC.Forex's network or the l

    Votes: 3 10.3%
  • No, I'd rather just post.

    Votes: 3 10.3%
  • No, and you're mother smells like elderberries.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Indifferent (or I only lurk here anyway.)

    Votes: 2 6.9%

  • Total voters


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Please vote: Would you actively use a trader's chat room if one was added to the site?
It appears the 'yays' have it.

A chat room will be part of the next site update. :)
Ready for mass testing! :D


Note: you MUST be logged into the forum to use.

Only accessible through the link above for now. Please give it a shot and let me know what you think..

If she runs well enough, I'll integrate the chat system into the the site's menu/navigation and make it official.

Right now there's only one channel, but I have the ability to make as many as needed, and even have some that are private to member groups on the forum.

Please submit any bugs/suggestions/etc to me via PM.
Hi all, chat is causing some server memory usage problems.. working on a fix.
hang tight. . :)
Most all initial chat room testing has gone well. I think we have a winner in terms of the software package we'll be using for chat.

I'm just in the process of acquiring the extra hardware needed to run the chat room with 100+ users.. once that's in place (a few days) we'll make the chat room official and I'll do a launch announcement. :)

Til then, keep the chat on the "down low", existing users who've found it can keep using it. I just don't want to flood the chat with users til the new hardware is in place. :)
I've been using Opera, and for some reason it doesn't like to scroll to the bottom when a new line appends. Any guess or just deal with it?
sqa said:
I've been using Opera, and for some reason it doesn't like to scroll to the bottom when a new line appends. Any guess or just deal with it?

I will test on Opera and see what can be done.

Any specific version you're using? Platform?
Opera 20.0 on XP (yeah, I know; I'll be upgrading later in the year. It's just... always been a pain. Comp works great!). 32-bit client.

I think I have all of my add-ons turned off for the page, but I would need a lot text in it. I didn't have the problem on Firefox. (I was using a dual profile setup for my Trading stuff, switched off, which is why I'm on Opera)

It's not a huge deal. Maybe I should turn "off" auto-scroll. Maybe it's bugged backwards.
Sorry guys, had to take the chat offline. It will be down for the next day or two before we launch it officially on the new hardware.
I dont post much on the forum, but I've been in the chatroom since it was added. I like it! Very useful!
FYI, the chat is back online.

Still a day or two away from going official.. but I'd like to stress test the server again now that we're running on the new hardware I was talking about.

Please feel free to use the chat... but I ask you don't spread the link around online just yet. :)

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