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Already deleted by user. pfft...

Fxbook was incorrectly displaying max. dd of 2.5% on the account when in fact it had exceeded 7%.

I removed it for that reason.

In the meantime you will find the same account linked to my Trade Explorer on ForexFactory here:

I will update it end of month so you can see the trades I take this week.

This is not my main account and is being traded on an intraday basis with v. aggressive position sizing.

Not recommend unless you are very confident in your ability to read the overall market direction.


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I checked the results and like mikey he does not trade the same way he teaches .
I would say he makes more from his trading education biz than his trading .
He made a profit with a low dd ,catch the low hanging fruit selling stuff is the name of the game
He is not a conman but his trading and what he sells are worlds apart from what i have seen from his myfxbook

To add, if you take the trades he publishes as part of his subscription based FX trade adviser on a Monday, the trades and therefore the results will be different to those publicised via Myfxbook / twitter.

I've purchased his on line materials and although interesting, it's not a course but a series of webinars recorded around 2012 presenting various price observations, some useful some not in today's environment.

My objective after taking the on line material was to be able to publish trade plans like Will does on a Monday, however was not able to put the webinars together to form a method. Perhaps I expected too much that the £500 online material would be a substitute for the £5k mentorship.

People may have more success taking his mentorship and for those interested I'd speak to Will on Skype with any questions and then ask for someone to speak to that's been under his wing and succeeded.
FTMO Trader Scouting