Watch Lakai makes $1.3M Intraday then give it all back.

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Solid YOLO trading. :p

Easily one of the best videos (entertainment wise) I've seen in a while out of him.
Always rent a Yacht for the period you want to use it. They are otherwise an investment worse than an alcohol-fueled gambling binge in Las Vegas.

As for the trading, I watched most of it, but it didn't seem to show much of anything except for how many contracts he wanted to take on. And I know the Futures people love their sliding position entry bar, but I still find it kind of strange. But I also don't trade futures.
This was monday from a few weeks ago when the DOW dropped a thousand points intraday..

He was up $1.3M on 400-500 contracts short, then he picked a bottom and got long... the futures hit locked limit down, which is like a circuit breaker, and trading couldn't go past the hard boundary for a given period of time. He held his long through this period, and once the trading boundary lifted the market instantly started trading like 60 handles lower, instantly killing ~600k of his profits in a few seconds... the then gave up the rest of his profits just scalping and getting chopped up after that..

This was not a sim account.

He ended the day only up $21k
I got that it was real, I just couldn't figure out where the results were showing in the video.
Oh, that's just NinjaTrader, the platform he's using... it's kinda clunky, and the DOM/ladder window he's using only shows the day's P/L once he is flat, and otherwise show's the current position's P/L while in a trade (or sometimes he switches it to show the positions point value instead.)

I'm not a huge fan of NinjaTrader...
I did like the chart resolution/scaling though. But otherwise I would agree with you on the point about Ninja Trader.
He uses ThinkOrSwim for charting. It's not bad for analytics and charting, but a bit of a resource hog... and I wouldn't use them as a broker.
Ugh I dunno... losing 1.3 million? I guess if he's trading a mid-high 8 figure account it's forgivable? Otherwise, seems pretty scrubby to me? :nerd:
FTMO Trader Scouting