UPDATED: HOWTO: (Easily) install the latest MetaTrader 4 (MT4) on Fedora Workstation 26 and 27

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MetaTrader 4 is a Windows based application, however, it can be installed on Fedora Workstation 26/27 and other Linux distributions with the use of software called Wine.

Wine aims to reproduce the Windows libraries required to run Windows apps on non-windows platforms.

Getting MT4 to run on Linux with Wine is relatively easy, however, the instructions below are for Fedora Workstation 26/27.. your mileage may very on other Linux distros, but do check the Execution Platforms forum for more HOWTOs with other distros.

With the default install of Fedora Workstation 26/27, Wine is not pre-installed and must be installed manually. Luckily, Fedora not only has Wine available from the distribution's package manager and online repositories, but it's a version of Wine that's compatible with MT4.

We need to open a terminal (command line) to do this next step. By default Fedora uses the Gnome Desktop environment, so to find the terminal just click the 'Activities' menu in the top left of your desktop, and search for "terminal".

To install wine, from within the terminal we first must switch to the root user and run the package management command to install wine from Fedora's repos:


This command switches you to the root user once you provide the root password, with sufficient privileges to install new packages. This may not be required if your user account has admin privileges, but just to be safe this will work.

dnf install wine

This command installs Wine. You will be prompted to select Y and you will see a list of dependencies that must also be installed along with Wine. The whole process will take a few minutes so hang tight.

Should see this once the command finishes:

Once wine is installed, it's time to download and install MT4: Grab your desired broker's MT4 installer package. (The broker I'll be using in this tutorial is Pepperstone Financial, but this process should work with any MT4 broker.) You can download MT4 here.

So now it's time to launch the MT4 installer via Wine. In the same terminal window, we must first exit out of the root / su instance by running the 'exit' command:


You will notice your command prompt will now say your user name instead of "root".. this is important.

Next, switch to the directory you downloaded the MT4 installer file and lunch it with wine. If you used the links above to get a Pepperstone Financial MT4 install file, via a browser like Firefox or Chrome, then the installer will be in your user's Downloads folder, and you can get to and lunch it via:

cd Downloads
wine pepperstone4setup.exe

If you have your own installer for MT4, then find the installer file and run it via the wine command as shown above.

The first time Wine runs, it takes a moment to setup the Wine environment. Unlike other distros, the Wine that comes with Fedora doesn't appear to require additional packages upon first run of the software, so this process shouldn't take long:


After that completes, you should be greeted with the MT4 install wizard. The process is pretty straight forward from here, as the install wizard should act like it normally does on Windows.

After going through the MT4 install wizard, the installer will launch MT4 upon completion and it sets a shortcut in your "Desktop" folder for your user. Gnome Shell, the default desktop environment for Fedora, doesn't display desktop icons by default, so you will launch MT4 via the 'Activities' menu going forward by doing the following:

Click Activities > Search Metatrader > Click Icon


NOTE: There might be some trouble creating a new demo account from within MT4 on Wine. If you run into this problem, just create a demo account through Pepperstone's website with this link and use the login credentials to login within MT4 once it has launched.

And that's it! Enjoy your MT4!

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The Fedora Project earlier this month released Fedora Workstation 27! After grabbing the latest ISOs and doing a fresh install to make sure this guide is still valid, I've found that these steps work without modification and MT4 + Wine is just as easy to install in 27 as it was in 26! I've updated the first post to include the '27' version number.
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Fedora os is way too unstable, and is rolling type, the wine is really bit of a joke! can crash monotonously, best option to use is web based MT4, but is not full featured however does the job , otherwise head for Windows! I use Debian, it is stable but is always lagging in latest packages! Would recommend UBUNTU, for new people to the game! Fedora is part of the Red Hat, as is the dying Centos, it is being replaced with Rocky Linux and Alma Linux, which are almost the same! I tested both of them and they really good, have to install Oracle JDK/JRE, to get it going. Especially for OANDA ! Best of Luck to you all in this year! your inputs are very much appreciated!
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