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In my former career, I've been to a lot of trade shows and I've also spoken at many. I was able to pick up a lot of insider industry information but all in all, none of that information became a "game changer" for my career. I was just able to save the company a few bucks here and there. So here I am trading now, and wondering should I attend a convention or two. Thus far, after nearly a decade of actively trading, getting information hasn't been the issue. If anything, I already have too much information to sort through and organize into something valuable. Plus, I don't really want to leave my information only to get cold called all day long for the rest of the year or get strong-armed on the spot. I'm in sales, I've seen everything..I'm a dick when people refuse to accept my second "no". Have any of you discovered value in attending trading expos or conventions?
Well, if you want to spend 20k on a "system", go to one. >:D

You're there to fund other people's livelihoods, not your own. ;D
I'm already convinced I shouldn't do it. I'm asking for perspective here. Can anyone spin this the other way and produce a reason anyone should go to these?
Go to heckle some of the mentors ICT has had fun with?

Get an autograph from Larry Williams? (if he's there)

Get really drunk in a place you don't live?

I'm rapidly out of ideas.
Trading expos are mostly a big sales and lead generation tool.

I've been to a few of them and never left thinking I had gained something of value.

In the past, expos were great to discover new products in the industry, but these days we have the internet for that.
I went to one not to long ago.

Meet other traders in person!
Meet Larry Williams or Linda Rashke or someone whom you may respect. I got my picture with LarryWilliams :)
I got to tell someone who's been trading for 30 years that the strategy he was using to get people to buy into his platform/broker was garbage in front of a crowed lol

Everyone is selling something there.
All the seminars were basically boring and of no value to me
I was the youngest person there.
We need a grassroots underground venue like the hackers have created. Where we can take over the back room in a coffee shop or some underground club and crowd source strategies and test real time trades for a few days. Just show up with your laptop(s) and whatever other lucky charms you can stuff in your Italian leather Tumi backpack and bring a TALL cup of coffee. We can bring in anonymous speakers from the bucket shops, complete with ski mask and sunglasses, raining down their righteous insider strategies; one speaker after the other for 3 or 4 solid trading days. At the front of the screen, showing the net profit/loss from 3 days of consensus trading. No sales, no personal information, no announcement of where it's gonna be until you receive the secret signal to show up. Yay or nay?
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