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came across this trader monitoring tool.
up to 100 forex trades per month is free, which is all I require.

review of the tool at the 9min 30sec mark
You know, I love that more companies are starting to do trade analytics for non-FX markets.

There's a huge gap between what the average broker provides in trade stats and what kinda info you can get through a service like MyFXBook... especially in the stock/equities space.

However, I do find the monthly fees Tradervue charges to be way too steep. Before anyone tells me that the free tier covering up to 100 trades a month is good enough for 99% of the people reading this post, I'll point out it only covers stocks and it does not account for commissions nor does it do any type of risk analysis.

If they were to keep the stock only entry level tier, but add in proper risk analysis and commission accounting, and heck, even reduce the max trades to 50 or 75, I'd think that would justify a ~$4-7 a month subscription cost.

I'd otherwise get more use out of keeping an Excel journal than using their free tier.

Very interested in the trend of such services popping up though.. :)
If I read the page right, you need to subscribe for it to read Forex trades? So, not as nice. Are there any other ones like this? (The "better" version is $600 per year. This needs to be really good to be worth that)
FTMO Trader Scouting