Traders Paradox? Is this a thing?

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Why is it so often that I see successful traders go quiet after learning/doing funded accounts/reaching good profits? It seems like there is a 99-1 split of brand new trades+course sellers to real successful traders, especially on the internet.
I remember someone I knew online saying "finishing FTMO verification" and its been 6 months since i've seen them :(

Im not sure if this is a paradox but the more you look for successful traders, so many drop off the radar and disappear, how am I supposed to know how they are?
My quarantine rant for today..

Enjoy the week!
Hello and welcome! :)

There are many reasons why, and I'll talk about some here:

  • Burnout - Just because a trader makes it, doesn't mean it's the career they want or can handle stress wise. They may just burn out and move on.
  • Filtering out or fighting misinformation - Once the lightbulb moment hits, and a trader reaches consistency, they may find a lot of the information being pushed by posers online to be pretty frustrating to sift through, and just start keeping to themselves. There's not a lot of incentive to fight idiots online after all.. and the market tends to kill any ego you have as you gain consistency so it's not like you have to put on a show for anyone. Ego is actually one of the big red flags I notice when I'm identifying a fake guru.
  • They were actually bullshitting all along and it's no longer interesting to them to keep up the act. - This happens more than you might think.
  • They can't grow any further from some online outlets unless they become far more involved (helping others, etc..) - They simply may no longer find such communities useful to them, and aren't willing to invest themselves in said community to help others (which can help them hone skills.) Simply put, most people are selfish and only view interacting online in a 'what can you do for me' frame of mind. I found that many people I've assisted don't bother giving back... but that's just something I've had to accept as part of human nature.

So yeah, buck the trend! Once you got things leveled out for yourself, be willing to help others and strengthen the trading community. You'll find that it helps hone your own skills and you never know what ideas or observations another pair of eyes can come up with looking at the same setup/data/symbol you trade.

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