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I just wanted to point out what I think is a solid beginner course on trading. It's a great "get back to basics" course too for anyone who feels like they need to get back on track and get focused again.

There's no cost, the course is free, but you gotta register with an email address. Best I can tell there is no up-sell or anything marketed at you after you register besides his trading analysis mailer which is targeted to fund managers.. but it's tame and none of that retail-aimed get rich quick BS we see so often.

I have no affiliation with Adam Grimes or the course, I only found it through a Chat With Traders episode and after going through all the material I figured it was worth sharing.

[Link broken so it was removed]

EDIT: Looks like Adam has moved the course to a new site and is revamping it:

I'm not sure how the new changes reflect on his material but I anticipate the new course will be of the same, if not better, quality as his original course.

The ChatWithTraders episode is a good listen and can be found here:

Adam's bio:

Adam Grimes has 18 years of experience in the industry as a trader, analyst and system developer. Growing up in an agricultural community in America’s Midwest, Adams first trading experiences were in agricultural commodities and futures. He then moved to currency futures, trading during the Asian Financial Crisis, and to stock index futures and individual stocks in 2001. His trading experience covers all major asset classes–futures, currencies, stocks, options, and other derivatives, and the full range of timeframes from very short term scalping to constructing portfolios for multi-year holding periods. Adam holds an MBA from The Ohio State University, and is currently Chief Investment Officer of Waverly Advisors, LLC, a boutique research and advisory firm for which he writes daily market commentary and trade notes. Prior to co-founding Waverly Advisors, Adam held the positions of VP of Quantitative System Development at Level Partners, LLC, Senior Analyst and Trader at MBF Asset Management on the New York Mercantile Exchange, and Chief Technical Strategist at SMB Capital. Adam is the author of The Art & Science of Technical Analysis: Market Structure, Price Action & Trading Strategies, published in 2012 by John Wiley & Sons. Adam is also a contributing author for several publications on quantitative finance and related topics, and is much in demand as a speaker and lecturer on the topics of technical trading, risk management, and system development.

Adam is also an accomplished musician, having worked as a professional composer, and classical keyboard artist specializing in historically-informed performance practices. He is also a classically-trained French chef, having served a formal apprenticeship with chef Richard Blondin, a discipline of Paul Bocuse.
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Looks like Adam is making some changes and has moved his course to:

Still free, and he mentioned to me in a tweet that the course revamp will make it better than the original.

I've put this on my list of things to review.
It's good so far other than in in module 2 part 1 he says fractal high/lows are the same as pivot points... he defines the 3 bar pattern as pivot points, although that isn't the general consensus unless I am mistaken.
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