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Hey Guys,

Thought I should just make one since people are introducing in individual threads.

I'll start

I'm Tansen, I've been trading for about 2 years on and off but more so on now. I started with Forex and then eventually moved away then moved back into forex to get my feet wet in trading which eventually led me to try my hand at stocks after being encouraged by a previous mentor to explore. I originally came from an art and technical background but had no twinkles left in my eye thanks to numerous lens flares and 100K-500K lamps.

I am a technical trader however with some of the things I do can be viewed as technical. Overall I strive to merge the voices in my head until they all agree as referenced by my Greed and Patience reference in my post.

On here I am a laid back mod, though with that said I was told to have tendencies to break technology, if that's good or bad you decide! I will probably be the goofy mod so don't always take what I do or say seriously but read it with a sarcastic maybe funny voice in your head when I reply to something so use your best judgement!
Hope you don't mind, but I created a new section for intros and moved your post there, giving it a title that includes your name along the way.
FTMO Trader Scouting