Syntax for calling AutoIt compiled Script (.exe) using ShellExecuteW in MT4 EA

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Using the below syntax to send values from EA to AutoIt compiled script as below.

double value1 =234
double value2 = 678
double value3 = 888
ShellExecuteW(0,0,"D:\tstScript.exe","value1 value2 value3","",1);

Getting below error

Access violation read to 0x000000EA in 'C:\Users\MetaQuotes\Terminal\C01E4824CB1310748719A488ACBDC5BA\MQL4\Libraries\shell32.dll'.

The below command works when invoked from Command prompt
tstScript.exe 23 45 33
I know this is an old post, but it appears your are passing a string object of "value1 value2 value3" instead of the numbers you want.

Did you ever solve this issue? What was the solution?
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