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I just committed the first of a few site changes that will be rolling out by day's end:

Most noticeable to members will be the theme adjustments. Based on feedback from multiple members, I've lightened things up slightly and reorganized how the forum appears.

This also includes the layout of the board index and posts.

One highlight of the changes (aside from the visually obvious,) is a change to using CSS3's gradient feature with some noise to generate the background instead of loading a large image file that's pre-rendered. The difference cuts out ~1.5mb of data transfer per new user loading the page for the first time, thus speeding up the response times. The only drawback is users still on IE6/7 will not see the texture, and instead just get a solid color.

This isn't the last incarnation of how FXGears will look and feel. As always, I'm open to any feedback members would like to give, and I believe in constant and gradual improvements over time so often a good suggestion could be seen implemented within a few days if it is a clear improvement.


FXGears now has an Apple Touch Icon. Any member wishing to add the FXGears website to their home screen on an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc..) will get a custom application icon.

This comes after seeing a fair amount of people using iPhones and iPads to access the site. Close to 10% of our visitors are using mobile devices, specifically Apple devices.

Future plans for a mobile-optimized version of the forum are in the works.


You can now see who's actively viewing the thread along with you near the bottom of the page.


If you're not currently logged in, and click the login button from a thread or specific page on the board, Firefox and IE9/10 users will now automatically be redirected back to the last page they were viewing after logging in.

I was trying to get Chrome acting the same before I committed this update, but Chrome needs a little more work. Expect it working for Chrome in the next few days.


Topics are now called "Threads" all over the site. Nothing functionally different between the two, just a change in terminology.
If anyone using Chrome does not see the new theme appearing like the attached image, manually refresh the page through Shift+F5

Chrome caches the old site style and might not update it right away.


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