Site UPDATE: A Focus on the Community

FTMO Trader Scouting


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Exciting times here at FXGears!

Recent changes: Firstly, you will notice the front page layout has changed allowing for a greater focus on the latest activity in our community. As well, all important site news and announcements will now appear right on the front page (you might even reading this post on the front page right now.)

To help make room on the front page, the Trading Psychology and Professionalism content has migrated over to our forums, and is now open to constructive discussion like any other thread. As a bonus, during the content transition, Trading Psychology and Professionalism was remastered and expanded to become: The 'On Professionalism' Thread Series!

But we're not done yet! Over the next few days even more features will be brought into production (and will be announced as they come online!)
FTMO Trader Scouting