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Morning folks...

I mentioned some personal views on the recent global tensions and shared my opinions on their potential effects on the speculative world and Forex.

Now before we wade into this mess, please let me make some assertions that frankly need mentioning:

I am a conspiracy theorist. I make no apologies for it. Don't try to convince me that I am paranoid or skitzo. I'm rather comfortable with my stance and only share these views to stimulate conversations that hopefully prepare otherwise sleeping folks.

I am not privy to any insider information. I'm not a Snowden or leader of some rebellious group looking to indoctrinate new members.

I could do many videos and postings on the subject matter this thread will delve into but honestly there are far better videos by others I subscribe to. I'll be sharing those mostly. They are not boring some might be unsettling but they are in my honest opinion some of the richest resources this topic has. All of the material can be researched independently and I have done some of this over the last twelve years or so... the things I share here are in line with my personal views or where needed I will amend those things that are not.

Why bother with something like this on a Forex forum?

Everything coming down the pike will greatly impact your business as a Trader in all asset classes. It pays to know the battlefield and the players involved. If it saves one of you pain or loss wonderful. If it entertains the conspiracy fans... wonderful. If it brings out the Trolls... who really cares?

If you have material or resources that would be an excellent installment to this thread... by all means please share it here. I will read it and all posts on Saturdays. I will not make time aside from that day every week. I might share content any time however.

Let's break this ice with this particular video this week. Note the date it was posted and we were discussing these very things last week!​
Skepticism is healthy.. especially for traders.

But like most things, it can be healthy to a point; "everything in moderation" as they say. Some people go off the deep end with a few conspiracy theories and I have a hard time relating with them.

For instance, last night I caught a few minutes of a late night talk radio show which had an author as a guest who wrote a book about her take on 9/11. She claimed, through her own findings and evidence, that the twin towers were taken out by some sort of energy weapon.. possibly of the 'free/unlimited' variety. It was the only way to explain how all that matter turned into dust instead of rubble.

That's like, one step beyond just being a 9/11 truth'er..

But hey, it sells books and she has a following.. and clearly she's having fun spreading the word, so who am I to judge?
I'll respond with more later, but I'm in the "conspiracy of dunces" camp. If you understand that all Media is *intentional* manipulation. Before I left college, I already had the opportunity to leave and do full-time Newspaper design. Pictures are only an instant snap-shot of an event; video editing always produces different effects; all media is driven by ego of the creators.

While it's draining, if you simply "read between the lines", it's normally pretty straight forward what is going on. Though it helps to understand the actually important bits of history. The key one, for this discussion, is this:–American_War

The Western World learned, via the military campaign, the way you actually control leadership of other countries: information. Information & leverage have been the operating methods of Western Military & Intelligence agencies ever since.

Then you have to add in the reality of modern marketing. There's a whole corpus of literature on how effective marketing works, why it works and what ways to manipulate others. Of course it helps that it's directly taught to everyone in schools to follow the manipulation. That was the entire point of the Gramscian "Long March through the Institutions". It has worked very effectively.

Though, the one thing to always caution: if you've had the unfortunate experience to ever listen to a "TPTB" type member for very long, realize that they are, in total, much like a good businessman with a drinking problem. They won't burn through their money, but that doesn't mean they're terribly wise. They're just good at doing their "thing". Don't cast too much complexity on what they're up to. They just use misdirection all of the time.

So, the current one to notice, in financial markets, is that most of the major players are getting out of the High Frequency Business. Firstly, due to it not making that much money anymore (something utterly predictable, btw, but it took a few years) and, secondly, when the market blows up within the next year (at least in the USA), who do you think is getting the blame? Not that anyone will serve any jail time, but HFT is most definitely the setup patsy for the next crash.

Though the fact the momentum algorithms will probably lock up the market for 2 weeks in the massive sell-off frenzy. My prediction is 8k points off the Dow Jones Index in 2 weeks. :)
I can't speak out to much on conspiracy theories. But if your the type that might be looking for some interesting stuff. Zeitgeist. It's on Netflix and I'm sure you can find it free on the internet.
Can I suggest that you have a look thru Noam Chomsky's books and website ( In particular, books: Manufacturing Consent, 911, Keeping the Rabble Inline.

NM isnt a conspiracy theorist, but with the fact-based analysis he offers over a number of books, your hair will turn white.
Can someone please explain, how ICT was able to link CRB index and the crisis that are about to come?
Thank you.
I really dislike like people being pushy about ICT coming out with stuff on time and being impatient. But Id just like to say Id REALLLYYYY like ICT to say more on this subject. I 'am only trying to encourage another post. I am only a spectator to your entertainment and I enjoy all of it.. It's like your the DRUG and I 'am the user. Please supply more of this at your convenience. I like to see what your seeing.
What are peoples thoughts on Jim Rickards and his book "the death of money"?
ICT what do you think? How big is your pile of gold and does anyone want to buy an overpriced house in Vancouver :p?
Re: SHTF & Globalist Agendas- Fed Policy

GdayFX and others I decided to reply to the quoted post in this thread because my response quickly morphed into a response that seemed to fit here.

From Re: GdayFX Trade Ideas « Reply #45 on: Yesterday at 09:52:53 pm »

GdayFx said:
try this one
A huge strategical mistake by the federal reserve

One of my intellectual passions has been to understand what the core cultural beliefs or memes "an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture" that are unquestioningly accepted by myself and the society I live in. I then attempt to determine their value or validity and possible consequences. Here is my view from this perspective:

IMHO this not a strategic mistake. As I see it the FRB's strategic mission is to keep the current economic system going forever. This was a tactical action taken to achieve their strategic objective. Given their strategic mission and doctrinal beliefs this was the correct and only action to take. As I understand it strategy is what you want to do and tactics are how you attempt to achieve this goal. Doctrine is the belief in what is right and wrong or good and bad. Doctrine (memes) limit the acceptable choices of and implementation of tactics, thus doctrinal errors can undermine or make it completely impossible to achieve strategic goals.

Let expand on this. I am not trying to be an apologist for the Fed. Instead I want to understand what their core beliefs are and consider a likely outcome as they act accordingly.

I assume that this asset buying has been and will continue be a delaying tactic to stave off their greatest fear: DREADED DEFLATION. I have read in several places that they have been taught and absolutely believe that severe deflation causes world wars and so one of their primary missions is to absolutely avoid it at all costs.

So I expect that all the reserve banks collective actions to avoid this primary fear has and will continue to build massive asset bubbles. Eventually these bubbles will inevitably reprice = collapse = deflate to a lower level. And then if this dreaded deflationary spiral is accompanied by world wide violence I expect that the reserve bank members can reassure themselves and everyone important to them that they were just doing their job, following their orders and the deflationary spiral and ensuing global violence which accompanied it was the result of some unforeseeable “butterfly sneeze” somewhere else outside their authority and control and therefore certainly not the result their sound monetary policy and management. ;)

This is an prime example of a meme that I try to understand and evaluate.

Gday the fact that you called these actions “A huge strategic mistake by the federal reserve” indicates to me that you expect an outcome similar to the one I have outlined. I just needed to vent and wanted to add some material for discussion on this thread. :)
cskrishna said:
Can someone please explain, how ICT was able to link CRB index and the crisis that are about to come?
Thank you.

I don't see where ICT mentioned that link but I would like to share my understanding of this interaction:

There are three economic pillars to the US dollars dominance in world economics and thus the continued US dominance of world affairs.

1 The USD is the worlds primary reserve currency

2 The USD is considered a safe haven currency for risk off situations- particularly periods of political and economic uncertainty

3 Most international commodity transactions, particularly petroleum and food are priced in USD. That is where the CRB index link would come in.

I assume that the first of those three to fail will drag the others down with it and pretty much end the dominance of the USA.

Here is a recent history example that ties in current middle east unrest to USA commodity prices.

“Arab Spring” unrest began in December 2010 Do a search of “Arab spring wheat”. You will find many articles discussing how wheat shortages and therefore higher commodity prices contributed to the unrest and revolt that occurred in Egypt and the rest of the middle east (Syria and thus ISIS). Look at a 5 year chart of wheat on and you will see that US wheat almost doubled over that time in a sharp spike. Most articles attribute the cause of this shortage/price rise to drought in Russia/Ukraine and fires in China and thus to global warming.

In addition- Fed QE paused from June to August 2010. The US stock market rallied through the year. The S&P 500 went up about 30% in the last quarter of 2010. From the charts history I believe that Fed stimulus was responsible for an across the board rise in asset and commodity prices in the USA and over this period.

I don't think that the Fed caused the shortage of wheat but it did inflate its price above the “fair value” that would have existed without the stimulus program. It unintentionally made a bad situation a little bit worse and thus contributed to the chain of events that led to the rise of ISIS.

Hope that helps cskrishna
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