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Hi guys!

Lately,specially at volatile market times,i noticed that both of my accounts datafeed (both stp) can differ by a lot of pips.And i'm not talking about 5 pips. Sometimes the diff can be around 30 pips.What's actually can a big difference when analysing market structure and flow.

I tried to experiment with some demo brokerage accounts(oanda,forex ltd, armada),the conclusion's arent 100% yet that one of them(a very big firm with DD ,altough my execution supposed to be stp) manipulating prices.

Could anyone pls direct me to a reliable data source?(preferably free ;D )

Their 'NetStation' and mobile apps.

They have a few FX feeds to look at, but the main thing is they aren't a broker and they have feed options from clearing houses instead of from a retail broker (but they also have retail broker feeds mixed in, so make sure you're in the right section.)

It's not perfect, and frankly the feed has gotten worse than it was a year ago (a year ago they'd even provide weekend intra-bank price,) but it's still worth keeping track of to compare with other feeds when you need a 2nd opinion.
Also, I'm surprised that you found a 30 pip difference between brokers...

It could be that you're only looking at the chart itself within metatrader, which is painted by the bid price only, so when one broker's spread widens at rollover or during news a bit more than another, the price appears to deviate, but in reality the midpoint is about the same.

If you compare the bid price painted chart on MT4 to, say, Oanda's FXTrade, it will totally look off since Oanda's FXTrade prints off the mid-point between bids and asks, not the bid.

Then you get other brokers that offer their own charting software that has options to paint off the ASK price instead of the bid, but usually this isn't on by default.

In the FX world, because there's no centralized order processing, software can't really paint charts off the time and sales feeds like they would for stocks or futures... so tracking the bid price is the next best thing.. but this does not account for the spread widening as mentioned.
Yeah,i was very surprised also..Then started to slide back and its pretty consistent under news,and created a defying market structure when i only used them(yeah,it's at those magnitudes that it's changed or not changed the 4hr MF more then once) seems like it could be accounted for some unexplained fallacies of the beginning.But i'm not going to start the blame game until i'm 100% confident about this.
Anyways,Thanks for the netdenia tip!Seems like good feed with some nice charts.Specially seems to work well for applying cross currency SMT's. Netstation is kinda cool toy :)
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