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1-2 Years ago, i remembered i had learned in hard way from the market.

Opened manage account and lost around $25K , it is hurt me a lot and put me in traumatic state.
need one year or more so i can recovered my mental state.,
after i lost all investor funds,and because i offered my investor no risk manage account, so i must repay all of them and nothing left in my pocket.

Today i started to trade again and opened a new account with one simple objective.
Trying to survive with minimal funds.

so deposit around $50 and for broker i use tickmill because they are suitable for my needs, they have low minimum deposit

For trading system i try to trade with price actions and EMAs,

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Got margin called and deposited another $25

Today Open trade

Got signals from M5


Reason for Sell GU , Fake confirmations candle on M5, and turn the candle into Continuation signals, RSI break neckline

Reason For sell GBPCHF
Got RSI break signal with m5 , plus confirmations candle pattern

Got around 3-4 pips spread for GBPCHF , and around 1 pips spreads on GBPUSD

Took a peak on news, and whew, china still on New year holiday,

But today , Yellen would have a testimony again , i hope yellen could give us clues about The Feb Policy


Read on some news sections

Lee Hardman, currency analyst at MUFG, expects Brexit risk premium will increase as we move toward a referendum to strengthen the pound weakness and increased volatility.

Excerpt important [/ B]

"Risk Brexit will increasingly dictate the performance of pounds while driving other underlying such expectations BoE policy will only be the event extra. Time referendum is right yet to be decided but it seems likely to be faster after the draft proposal released this week for" a new resolution for the United Kingdom in the European Union " . Draft and they will be discussed in more detail at a special meeting of the European Council on 18 and February 19.

Increased uncertainty regarding the upcoming referendum on the European Union and the downside risks to global growth prospects resulted in view of the more cautious BoE's monetary policy. "

Updated my Journal, it is hard to reach master trader level
but i must learn and enjoy this process

still have floating order, Sell EURUSD

Reason, look at the rectangle. my reason is , Engulfing on MA, plus candle break out EMA 12 at H4, and entered the market and got 0.2 spreads . very nice

Closed Buy GBPUSD

Entered the market At M5 (and got spreads under 1 pip) because engulfing on MA( look at the rectangle)

and i got good setup for sell at NZDUSD

If NU Closed and stay like this at 12 febuary 2015, 20.00 GMT +7
i will consider to sell NZDUSD

This Week High Impact News

Time using GMT+7
Mon 15 Feb :
21:00 : ECB President Draghi Speaks

Tue 16 Feb :
4:45 : NZDRetail Sales q/q
7:30 : AUD Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes
9:00 : NZD Inflation Expectations q/q
Tentative : German Constitutional Court Ruling
16:30 :GBP CPI y/y
17:00 : German ZEW Economic Sentiment
20.30 : Cad Manufacturing Sales m/m
Tentative: NZD GDT Price Index

Wed 17Feb 2016 :
16.30 : GBP Average Earnings Index 3m/y
16.30 : GBP Claimant Count Change
20.30 : USD Building Permits
20.30 : USD PPI m/m

Thu 18 Feb 2016
4:45 : NZD PPI Input q/q
7.30 : AUD Employment Change
7.30 : Unemployment Rate
20.30 : USD Philly Fed Manufacturing Index
20.30 : Unemployment Claims
23.00 : Crude Oil inventories > Spesial , news khusus oil

Fri 19Feb 2016
16.30 : GBP Retail Sales m/m
20.30 : CAD Core CPI m/m
20.30 : CAD Core Retail Sales m/m
20.30 : USD CPI m/m
20.30 : Core CPI m/m

opened 2 trades, Sell EURAUD and sell EURNZD

Reasons :
1.Engulfing on MA at H1 timeframe
2. RSI H4 formed Hns, even now, RSI h4 already reach RSI support, but i will waiting next RSI support for exit
Traling stop activated at +100.0 pips


Reason :
1. Engulfing confirmed by inverted hammer which is hanging on MA Cross
2.RSI H4 Formed HNS dan maybe will try to break the RSI support.
Trailing stop at +1
not bad . got 2.5 pips spreads with Sell EURAUD and
Got 3 pips spreads with EURNZD.
Good luck with the journal and good on you for showing your fills and linking an analytics account!


busy all days, and just updated my journal after i finished all my business thing

opened Sell GBPJPY dan Sell GBPUSD

My reason sell both pairs are they had big engulfing on MA cross (look at magenta rectangle)
and i am positive , when i post issue about Brexit, it may happen in near future.

Closed with profit
and after some drawdowns with my account in 8 days, finally i can banking some nice profit into my wallet
now i am Breakeven and in profit

Requested $45 WD +$45 at 20.30 GMT+7

Recieved 20.42 in same day.

my target : to WD $1000 from $50
is it possible?dunno, let us see, how long i can maintain my trading account. and consistantly banking some profits into my wallet
Well Done. One withdrawal down- 19 more to go to hit your goal- just rinse and repeat. One money management strategy I have seen used successfully with High Leverage (200 or 400 to 1) nano accounts is to consistently withdraw profits and keep the account small as you seem to be doing. Soon you are playing with the brokers money and have you initial risk capital back. Then if / when the inevitable draw down / margin call hits you simply reload with a small initial amount of your withdrawn profits and carry on.
i starts my day with opened trades for several pairs

Sell USDCHF @ 0.98823 SL @ 0.99073 TP @0.98190
Sell Stop USDCHF @ 0.98573 SL @ 0.98823 TP @ 0.98190
Sell AUDCAD @ 0.98449 SL @ 0.98849 TP @ 0.97449
Sell stop AUDCAD @ 0.98049 SL @ 0.98449 TP @ 0.97449
Sell EURAUD @ 1.57448 SL @ 1.57848 TP @ 1.54314
Sell stop EURAUD @ 1.56813 SL @ 1.57448 TP @ 1.54314

Reason :

1. I saw Tower pattern ,
2.confirmed by engulfing at right leg
3.left leg already formed 2 waves

My reason why i opened Sell AUDCAD is simple , Because ad Daily Timeframe , my EMA will cross, and engulfing it self alreay formed. i just need today confirmation

For EUAUD , i use it as hedge instrument against USDCHF and AUDCAD
not bad. got good spreads when i entered this 3 trades
Computater707 said:
Well Done. One withdrawal down- 19 more to go to hit your goal- just rinse and repeat. One money management strategy I have seen used successfully with High Leverage (200 or 400 to 1) nano accounts is to consistently withdraw profits and keep the account small as you seem to be doing. Soon you are playing with the brokers money and have you initial risk capital back. Then if / when the inevitable draw down / margin call hits you simply reload with a small initial amount of your withdrawn profits and carry on.
you are right, with keep our account balance as small as possible, and consistantly WD profits, will affect with traders psychology. at least, i feel more comfortable when i am in break even + profit. i can analyzing any trading opportunity with better emotion.
it is about how much money that you can withdraw, with a very small risk
My fokus today is CADJPY, to find out the best price to buy CADJPY


My reason why i decide to buy CADJPY
1. W pattern
2.RSI Divergence

And if we compare USDCAD and CADJPY , why i buy CADJPY because few days ago, USDCAD had strong bearish trend ,

and tonight we have crude oil inventories news and as far as i know , OIL and CAD have strong correlation
Yesterday i made +$55 profit and request for Withdrawal

Request @ 18:12


Processed @ 21:12 GMT+7


Because CADJPY spreads are low, i can trade this pair
Reason buy CADJPY : Strong Support area

got 1 pip spreads

before GBP News, i tried to catch the trend
Got Drawdown in my ECN Pro Account
but no problem. OverAll i am still in profit T_T


Reason : Price / buyer, are not too dominant and can't maintain their power above EMA 12

SL Scalping
TP longterm
Still hold my Sell EURJPY, move EURJPY stoploss into trailing stop mode
Sell EURGBP , because at M5 , candle broke out the EMA 12,and met major resistance. put 10.0 pips stoploss,

got good spreads on EURGBP, 0.6-0.7 pips for EURGBP , not bad for cross pair

today we have EURO Zone news, perhaps this news could help my trade


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Finally i got Margin Call
Well redeposit my account and looking for signals with another trading instrument provided by my Broker,and i decided to trade the indices
After tried their demo to find out how much margin used for any indices
i decided to trade the US500 index (SPX500 index)

Reason :
1.M pattern
3.Their spreads looks lower than another index (40 pips, i think its like 4 pips in forex)

Sell 1 @ 1917.20
sell 2 @1906.20
Trailing Stop loss @ 1911.20
My worst scenario : i think am only reach BEP

today I have a lot of work to do and only now I have time to update my journal
And today , we only have one important USD news

today i do some multiple entries

Buy HK50 (Hanseng )
Reasojn : engulfing on m15

Indices trading have different sensation, although the spreads are small, but we can quickly experience a plus or minus in one single moves
Closed profit +40$

and after that i bought GBPUSD and sold EURGBP
Got tight spread , and closed by my trailing stop

And i now i try another trading instruments provide by Tickmill, which is JPY225 (Nikkei)and EURJPY
Reason : engulfing on MA
god, I hate this Inverted Cup and handle Pattern.

Example of Cup and handle Pattern in WTI/CL


looking this WTI, makes me wanna open a trade, because my broker uses fixed 1 lot , and 1 lot = 0.01$ / pips which means i trade WTI with cent account
Try To buy NZDCHF

Finaly i am back trading forex, because indices trading is very painful.
For smallest lot in my broker, smallest used margin is in JP225 , it is around $14-$15. not to mention, index have very wild movement.
need bigger balance sigh
and looks like they applied 1:100 leverage in all indices instrument

Reason, hammer on MA with counter sell if it become invalid
very sexy
reason : RSI on 60 area, RSI Abnormal, and still in channel area

i hope it is valid
moga2 valid
got good spreads , 2.0 pips for GBPCHF
Finally got margin called
and based on FXBlue statement
My total deposit/WD in Tickmill via skrill or fasapay are :
Deposit : $178.37
WD : $221.34
WD - Deposit = $42,97

so with my total net WD , i can say, i am still losing my money.
But no problem.
I cosider this as my learning experience .
and i learned in hard way, in the next trades, i better do not touch indices , because if i trade with minimum amount i better trade WTI because even WTI used margin is relatively big because it is using 1:100 leverage, but WTI smallest lot is cent pips . so it is better for money management

This journal will be my documentary repot so i can study my mistakes and become a better trader in near futures

and like arnold said in terminator.

" I'll be back"

The End of Part 1
Deposit Small amount before NFP
and taking advantages from this volatile news .
Sell USDCHF and CADCHF because in TF H1 already formed continue pattern.
so lets hoping its valid

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