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Hey everyone. Been trading for a couple years now. Coming back from a brake and trying to get back into the swing of things. I like the look of this forum and the characters here hope to add my 2cents every now and then.

My goals this year is to add more inter market analysis to my trading. As well as fill in some of the blank spots in my mind about how the forex market moves.
Welcome pipmart!

Feel free to contribute anything you'd like, be it your 2 cents on the market, or complete "non-cents" in the community chat area. (My bad attempt at a play on words.)

Always been in forex or have you traded any other markets?
Thanks jack, Most of what I say will be "non-cents" I am sure. lol The only experience with live trading that I have is with forex... I would be interested in any other markets although to have enough to trade futures or stocks or almost any other market I would have to stretch my risk parameters. Forex is nice for the small account holder. :p
FTMO Trader Scouting