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Here is a simple system for new traders i came up with in a moment of inspiration. Simple and easy to follow rules included. ;) (if you are not happy with it you will be refunded in 30 days, promise 8))

Needed ingredients: Look up on youtube sam seidens stuff on supply and demand!

Two and a half hours of more quality material with no marketing/selling twists whatsoever,and a deeper touch and more detailed explanation about the s/d concept.

Understand the concept and train your eyes for a few too see it on charts. Draw em in for a few hours in charts for training.
Grab an SSTO from the net (google is your friend)(or use even a simple with the values below on the chart) but if you can'find just post and i'll upload one.

edit: read this book!
A book on the topic ,Thank you notes to fred9455.Only been reading 40 pages but its giving a very good grasp about the concept.
fred9455 said:

Da rulez:

1 To buy ssto have to be below 50
2 to sell ssto have to be above 50
3 To sell/buy Sup/dem must be touched.
4 1st touch only, then sup/dem is no longer valid (killed) and should be redrawn where price turned.
5 sl 5 pips above/below sup/dem
6 target is next sup dem when its either overbought or oversold (above/below 50)respectively. but a partial profit taking advised with s/l to breakeven +1 when another supp/dem touched. And in general.
7 R:R must be 1:1 at least.
8 profit

Chart attached for demonstration.
Pls use it with 15 min or above charts,and don't expect it to be a 100%. Just an edge( tough in my opinion its much better then 95% of the paid systems out there)

Enjoy! ;) :showmoney: :tossbills: :cashjump:


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The fundamentals of this simple sys is the following:

If the market is oversold (eg no sellers left) then when price arrives to a new liquidity pocket price more likely to go up then down,and the opposite is also true. Maybe i'll play around with it and fine tune it later for fun.
If you make a crapload of money with it, you can send over some beer/chicks/expensive gifts ;D ;D
FYI: you can use a bogus email address during the signup process when downloading that file that Piper quoted and fred linked. Doesn't need verification before letting you download. 8)
Edit, if you want to raise the probabilities higher on your side, change the stochastic ob/os rules to 80/20 (less setups,higher accuracy)

Thread resurrected from the dead by popular demand and permission by the thread starter.
Piper said:
Edit, if you want to raise the probabilities higher on your side, change the stochastic ob/os rules to 80/20 (less setups,higher accuracy)


Thanks Piper for this introduction. This system appears somewhat profitable. Has the system been profitable for you. If yes, please can you perhaps explain your own way of trading the system?
Thanks mate.
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