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Moved on from Offshore to better courses (IMO). Love Offshore forever though! It gave me my foundation.

New Kids On The Block::

NJAT (My main squeeze)
PhantomTrading (Most other ppl's main squeeze lol)
Vertex (Just as good if not better than Phantom. It's just less popular)
FXSimplified (Worthy Mention)
EUSE (NJAT alternative that hasn't leaked yet)

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I agree Offshore is pretty good. I liked it and revisited it quite often.

At the same time I don't believe in any of these guys selling these courses. There's something off about all of them (including Offshore at times.) And they all sound the same. I get the feeling they don't actually do what they teach, or at least not on the level they want you to think.

What are all of these high R, M1 snipers all doing on Instagram and Twitter?! I don't think big shot traders have any need for this.

P.S: Funny moment. In one of Offshore's videos, one of the mentors was talking to a group member over a screen share/call. This young-sounding member, who tried to sound like he really knew what he was talking about (and apparently trades) had a job board website open in one of his Google Chrome tabs. Retail sales assistant or restaurant waiting jobs, can't remember. Not saying you can't be looking for work while practising, it was just funny because he came across as someone who had this stuff together.
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