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NSW house prices, my wife and i are thinking of buying an investment property in a certain area of NSW, take a look at this technical chart for future prices, bullish or bearish?


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So long as NSW allows overseas investors to buy up property: Bullish.
Now is a good time to buy investment property but be careful, skill or expert advice is required. Those prices look very cheap so I'm assuming they are regional, which would make things more challenging. This property cycle, like all others, will have a 'mid' cycle pullback but should run until 2026, with the headiest rises in the last 2 to 3 years.

Good luck Dan.
Here you go Dan, check this out.


I have never actually used any of Peter's services but he does know property investing pretty well. Don't miss his list of criteria towards the bottom of that page.

You have a decent window to make some great returns in this cycle so I hope you can make the most of it. Good luck.
Thanks J

He seems to be on his a game alright,
it is just like the Forex business or any business cycle for that matter, one that has a good system/model knows when and where to enter
GdayFx said:
it is just like the Forex business or any business cycle for that matter, one that has a good system/model knows when and where to enter


Here's Spann's latest update on Melbourne.


Remember to spread your risk as you build your portfolio and watch out for the nasty property tax in NSW.

Our mate Glenn from the Reverse Bank of Australia is honing his jawboning skills on property now. Attached is a section from today's Financial Stability Review September 2014 that you might find interesting. I have done very well in property over the last few decades but was surprised to learn that 10% of Australians aged 15 and over actually have at least one investment property.


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You can tell we are at an important early stage of this cycle just by listening to the noise on the drums. For example:

The AMP’s chief economist Dr Shane Oliver said we can “expect increasing jawboning from the RBA with a rising likelihood of credit growth restrictions for investors if it doesn’t slow soon”.

As a result, he said “the medium term return outlook for residential property is likely to be very constrained”.

See here: http://www.sharecafe.com.au/sharecafe.asp?a=AV&ai=31841

If you are going to invest in property you must get facts and learn to interpret them. You must be an independent thinker. Otherwise you just won't be able to take the strain from all the massive negativity that constantly surrounds, from 'authorities' and experts to 'official sources', it never ends.

So while the weak fold or run and are easily put off by all the nonsense, the well informed, properly prepared, and sometimes courageous do very well.

Jan Somers' books are a good place to start. http://www.somersoft.com.au/books.htm

I loved a phrase in her Building Wealth in Changing Times: ...get used to big numbers.
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