New Year's Update 1 of 2

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Today marks the first of two site updates that will land this month in preparation for the debut of FXGears' Pro Trader Interviews!

Site Changes:

The first new feature is a beta of our new mobile site. When accessing the forum index from your smartphone or tablet, you will now notice a new site layout that makes much better use of mobile touch-driven screens.

If the site doesn't automatically change to the mobile version when using your mobile device, just select the "mobile site" link in the forum's footer.

This is a beta release, so please do PM or email me should you find any bugs or have any issues with the mobile site. There will be some changes to come to the mobile site but for now I want to make sure all the basic functionality works as expected. :)

In addition to the mobile site, the regular FXGears site theme has been changed slightly to better fit some new features being released in the 2nd update coming later this month.

Forum Stats and Milestones:

We've crossed 2,500 posts! :D And we now have 220+ members!

Congrats everyone and keep it up!
FTMO Trader Scouting