*NEW* Forum Software upgrade - Our chat has more than 500+ people online - and other things...

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Hello FXGears Members!

Very happy to announce a few things:
  • The forum software just had a major update. This has stripped out the custom theme, so the forum will look a bit basic for the next few weeks, but the changes under the hood are well worth it! :) Expect more social media integration, better integration with live charts, and more coming down the pipe soon thanks to the new forum software.
  • Our chat room now has 500+ online members during the NY trading session! This is HUGE! Join the chat if you haven't already: => Live Chat <=
  • I will be committing more time to building up the forum. Over the last 2-3 years my day job (in industry, at a firm) didn't leave me with much spare time, but I recently made a few changes to my role and now I have quite a bit more time and energy to focus on projects like this site. :D I can't wait to get cracking on better content here and create a more engaging experience for the members of FXGears!
Also, please feel free to speak up with any suggestions for content. I'll leave this thread unlocked so people can reply with what they'd like to see posted here by myself and other experts in the industry.

Cheers! :D
FTMO Trader Scouting