New algo trader here


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Hi there, i read some posts on fxgears members and figured these are my people. Registered for mutual benefit and fun.
I’m into algo trading of stocks using options as delta hedge. Looking to expand to crypto.


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Hello and welcome! :)

How has your algo trading journey been so far? Are you trading anything live in production?


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I spent a year writing and perfecting my automated trading system.
Been back-testing for the past 6 month and live trading last 6 weeks averaging about 1500 trades a day with 200 symbols.
It tries to close all positions at EOD unless losses are too big in which case I replace them with credit put spreads.
So far the market has been very forgiving as it only goes up and my strategy is long only.

I’m looking to diversify into crypto and FX. Need to figure out fee/commission structure before i commit my time.

How about you, Jack? What do you do beside moderating?