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hey forex freak I have a question I going to join a prop firm so basically to join a funding tallent firm so i want to that what is you experience with this firm like payout rates and other stuff
please review and mention also other good prop firms
I do not currently recommend them. I do not feel comfortable with a brand that sensationalizes and twists the prop industry model to get attention.

There are some good choices available that we have detailed here:

And going forward, new info on prop firms will be updated on our sister site, Volatiltiy.RED, on this page:
I have a friend that is using them now. There seem to be a few problems with their servers every so often. He has just passed both challenges now so ill let you know how he gets on now he's in line for some payments
It seems they have closed the doors on the 90/10 deal. Apparently they couldn't afford to pay all the positive monthly results
Thing is the business model is a little MLM like in that they rely on the money being brought in from failed challenges more so than winning traders. If the former dries up even for a brief period they can't pay out.
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