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Ramy3 said:
Thks. Like this guy is doing. Will dabble a bit with it.

Yeah, but I don't worry about that.
A tick remains a tick.. If the markets running the 3 pip just paints faster :)
Range Bars converted to an EA. Loads auto with mt4 now. tested for a bit. Say if it's not working for you, will try to resolve issues,when time is available. Hated reloding via hotkeys everytime...

Apply to 1 min chart as always.



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Does not work in Build 574 and 579

2014.01.29 21:18:46.415 HistoryBase: invalid database header for 'EURUSD2'
Yeah, script not working either. Build 577 acting funny here today, will try 579. Will give Metatquotes a while to fix more stuff up before I start playing around with anything coding related. Will be really pissed if I have to recode most or parts of my stuff…

Will stick with 509 for the moment. No need to go looking for problems just yet.

Even though the release is planned for February 3rd. Most brokers (I am assuming) will delay the update. Would be the smart thing to do, till Metaquotes irons more things out.
If can fix, will share. Just not putting in any time on it for now. + My stuff has priority. Hope you understand. :) Let's just wait and see what goes and happens.

I am as anxious as most people out there are. Hopping Brokers and Metaquotes will be wise with the whole process and not force it on us just yet...

Guess we will be seeing soon...

Read about people fixing EAs and indicators for build 574 and up only to have them not work on the next build.

So, short answer (Yes) when ready. :)
The new builds have a script PeriodConverter
There's a nuance of opening a file. You must specify the FILE_SHARE_READ | FILE_SHARE_WRITE
can be done to make Range



I thing You

g_file_128 = FileOpenHistory(gs_208 + gi_216 + ".hst", FILE_BIN|FILE_WRITE);
twiling said:
I wrote to the developer about our issue.
They fixed the bug in the new build 582
I am happy =)

Now to find out what build gets pushed with the next major update. I hope it's straight to 582.
twiling said:
I wrote to the developer about our issue.
They fixed the bug in the new build 582
I am happy =)
It’s the best route to take for the moment. Go straight to the developer with your issues. :thumbsup:
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