Migration to new forum software!!!

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Hey all!

As promised earlier, we have migrated to new forum software (Xenforo,) and away from the open source forum software we were using before (Simple Machines Forum.)

This is the start of many awesome and long overdue changes!

Most noticeable features with the new forum:

  • A decent PM inbox (the old one with SMF was horrible.)
  • New chat integration! Discord is taking over our chat room duties and is fully integrated with the site! (More on this soon.)
  • Better post authoring tools (easier to format and submit posts.)
  • Post drafts! Don't lose your post mid-writing session again!
  • Better email notification (HTML notifications.)
Honestly, this change was long over due, and the community hasn't grown as quickly as we'd like to see thanks in part to the harsh experience the old forum software provided. Moving forward, there will be much more added for FXGears, and the user experience will be front and center!

In the mean time, there will be a few transition pains:
  • Some old links will break; I'm working on making the most popular links inbound to the site resolve properly.
  • You will need to upload your avatars again (D'Oh! Not everything could be ported over cleanly.)
  • There will be the odd theme and layout tweak happening as we go.

Guys and gals, there's a lot to be excited about going forward and you're apart of it! Why not celebrate by posting your thoughts on any currency pair or security in the interactive trading section!

FTMO Trader Scouting