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Hi guys, thought I should try to contribute a little bit myself here ;)

I have attached 2 files, one MT4 library with everything you need to use Mailslot communication, and one file containing everthing you need to handle mailslot communication on that end :)

Enjoy, and please share of you use it for anything cool ;)


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As in this Mailslot?

I'm going to play around with this for sure if that's the case.. thanks for sharing! :)

(PS. you're a post away from your account being able to post as you will without moderation. :) )
Yeah, thats the one :)

There is some 'interesting' things about Mailslots, basicly its Many to 1 communication, and only one way..(You can only create 1 reader, but you can hook up many writers to it...)

Good luck, the code is mostly cut and paste from a lot of different sources, and cleaned up a little bit :)
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