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Hi, I am with LMAX due to the prime Exchange. I was happy with them however they have recently acquired their own license and shifted servers. I always give the benefit of the doubt, however I run other brokers have 3 pc's 2 forms of reliable internet. In the last couple of weeks I have the usual broker tricks from them contrary to what they say. I was stopped out prematurely on a good trade and also another time as I entered a good trade the platform froze. It took 7 minutes for them to 'realise' it was down and only from clients protesting. Im not accusing anyone of anything but my platform dropped out 5 times one evening all during profitable trades. At the same time my internet is solid and other brokers solid. Their live chat attacks the client and blames your internet and also instantly cries mt4 is a 3rd party and not guaranteed. Also they stated I closed my trade manually which is incorrect as I snap my trades and clearly showed my tp and sl levels. The same trade was executed on my other brokers. I didnt tell them that fact until they put their cards on the table. I dont trust them as their excuses and fob offs remind me of certain 'offshore' brokers. I am closing the account down.
Nearly every complaint I've heard about LMAX relates to their MT4 bridge and not their regular web trader interface. I've only heard good things about their web interface, as well as their integration with MultiCharts... both apparently run a lot smoother and I've heard from some that they are faster execution wise. Makes sense since they don't have to go over some middleware like in MT4's case.
I've been trading with LMAX for several years, and really dont have anything to complain about.

The API is good, and I have not had any issues that I can remember. Over the last few months I have also traded via the MT4 bridge. When comparing the tick data on the MT4 and API feed, there is a noticeable different, and as a result I don't reference lower time frame charts on MT4.

Fills on the MT4 do seem to lag slightly during times of lower liquidity, which is normal but not something I noticed via the API orders.
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The main differences between the LMAX Exchange web trading platform and MT4 are outlined in the attachment.


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I'm interested in any feedback from people who use LMAX though MultiCharts and/or use MultiChart.Net's programming environment with it.


(I'd test them out directly but they stopped accepting Canadians a while ago.. sadly.)
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