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I am having an issue with getting to the last post via any link. If I click the last poster it brings me to his profile. If I click the thread’s name it brings me to the first post. If I click the thread starter it brings me to his profile again. Would need to have the last posters name be the link to his post.

Oh,a polling option/plugin for threads would be nice too.
LOL, there is a little box to the right that brings you to the last post in the related threads section, but none on the main forum index. Not so evident...

Might be better to have the last posters name bring you to his last post.
Right now you should see (under or beside the member name): "RE: Thread Title"

That should take you to the last post.

But I agree with you, I want the forum to be as intuitive as possible, and it would be better if that entire link area just takes you to the post instead of multiple destinations. I will look into having this changed.
Changed the appearance of the last post column in the board index.

Now the first link (and the one that's most enticing to click) is direct to the new post and the link to the member's profile who posted it is a bit more clear about where the link goes.

Ramy3 said:
Oh,a polling option/plugin for threads would be nice too.

It shall be done.

Once a new thread has been created, you can now select "add poll" on the first post.

I may play with the layout and such later but it works fine for now. :)

EDIT: you can also make a new poll as a new topic right from the board menu (poll option beside 'new topic' option.) However, I'm considering stripping this out since I dislike clutter. Having the ability to add a poll to a thread you created seems sufficient and clean.
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