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Why are you here?

it would be cool if ICT students could speak up about themselves here...
I mean you dont have to say your name or where you live, maybe just a little bit about yourself and what inspires you to learn Forex.
I am inspired by a few things that come from my back ground and who i have been around in my life. I consider myself to take the best things from the best, using there knowledge to create the ultimate tool & that's my brain Lol - well if i am a tool, i am a humorous one... :thumbsup:

ICT has not only taught me the markets, but kind of helped me out to, i am a bit of a creator in my own right so anything that i can foresee as a finished product, i will attack it with confidence, positivity and pride no matter the out come. Live and learn to prosper on any level.

This thread does not have to be ICT folk only, dont get me wrong, but lets face it, the whole forum is covered in mostly ICT's concepts. If you need to say anything, be it good or bad, you can say it here...
New to the forum. Been trading FX for the past 2 years; avid ICT student. I've doubled my account this year, roughly 8% compounded monthly. To any new students, the stuff works. I've made so many mistakes, but still managed to increase my account. For me, despite my mistakes, proper risk/reward ratio is the main driver of my increase. Stay the course, and focus on those weekly/daily charts !! Good Luck !!
He gets right to the point and explains what drives the market. Still studying here, probably for a good while yet, but it can't be rushed.

What drives me to learn is the prospect of supporting myself some day. I hate working for others because I'm a hard worker but such behavior is usually only rewarded with more work-load compared to your co-workers who get paid the same amount. Also as a child I would notice inflation and wonder why it happens, and would notice the CAD changing value vs the USD after news announcements and realized I could have made money. This was at 10 years old, and I've always wondered about it since then. Overall economics is such a huge subject, it's pretty fascinating.

What originally got me into Forex was having to borrow money from someone. They offered to lend me the money on the condition that I try to learn about Forex as a 2nd source of income, so I wouldn't have to be in a position to beg someone for $50 in the future. This was 6 years ago! School + wife + kids and here we are 6 years later. I also dropped it for 3-4 years completely, because of the learning curve. I couldn't imagine myself being successful, so I quit. That being said, I've learned a lot especially since this past March where I stopped playing games and browsing Reddit in favor of studying.. if I had put time from those 2 activities into learning Forex, I would have achieved my %3-5 monthly goal by now!!
Hey mate!
Don't limit urself to 3-5% just because other peeps think thats so greaaaat and thats the top of the top.. With a good discretionary system and right training (ict is fine) you could achieve so much more! Best of luck in ur fx journey ;)

Hey thanks for the luck. I'm not limiting myself to 3-5%, that's just what I need bare minimum to be self-employed once my capital builds up after 10~ years. I realize the potential is much higher, but this is how I combat greed and the desire to get rich quick. I want freedom most of all.. do not want to be working a job when I'm 45 or 50 still! I'm 31 now, so there's enough time to get there by the time I'm 45. I'll probably get there in less than 5 years but still, better to not get my hopes up and then quit in frustration! Slow and steady :)
Its was Nov / Dec 2011 when I discovered ICT at babypips. Its been a journey since then of self discovery and patient learning. I have also discovered that a lot of what ICT advises , ( dont try and catch the tops / bottoms etc ) actually makes sense and mostly it has cost me $ . So now I listen carefully when he speaks , mull over it rather than just rushing to my terminal looking for the next trade . A good mentor and his method works for me because its simple enough for me to understand.
Where i have the ICT full course material ?
I have got torrent but this is not working.
I will be grateful if anybody show me the way of downloading ICT course.
Hi GdayFx,
Thanks for your kind replay. Could you please see this picture to tell me where i can get this also: Pro trader's club Video, The ATM methods.


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Hi there,
My name is John. I'm new around here. I follow Michael's teachings and I find them to be brilliant. I used to love forums as a way to meet trading friends and than I got away from posting. I miss talking about trading though so hear I am.

Anyway this seems like a nice place to make friends. :)
rupakcr said:
Hi GdayFx,
Thanks for your kind replay. Could you please see this picture to tell me where i can get this also: Pro trader's club Video, The ATM methods.

Have to wait for it to download. Might want to check how you're connecting, as the torrent "has seeds", per information told to me. ;)

As for that specific teaching, almost all of that material is reloaded and directly in the Tutorial Series itself. I think the Pivot Point teaching is the only one that really isn't rehashed directly in the more recent teaching.
My friends simply call me "Tee"; a homage to my favorite aspect of golf. Those critical first moments of assessing the new hole, choosing the equipment that's going to get you there, and then executing with precision and hopefully, accuracy. I've been a very precise trader, but I wasn't very accurate...until ICT. And even when I was accurate, my MM strategy was flawed and my expectations were, shall we say, "irrationally exhuberant". Without seeing the "big picture" I was lost. There are still some skills I'd like to sharpen, which is why I've joined you all. Like Mike H., I'm a transplant from Babypips. If you're like me, you finally realized it's time to grow up. On a personal note, if you're reading this Mr. Huddleston, there is a quote by an author unknown to me, but it sums up what ICT means to me:

Some moments in life are so amazing and poignant and extraordinary that you immediately realize that the rest of your life will be defined as either, "Everything before this" or "Everything after this."--unknown

I'm buying you a beer the next time I'm in DC. Thank you for your efforts and thank God you're here.
Hello Everyone,

I am mostly a person who likes to watch and listen more than anything simply because I don't know enough to add value and be of help. I too am a babypips transplant and am grateful to them only for the occasion of finding ICT.

It has been more than a two year lay off for me regarding the Forex market and I have never had a live account other than blowing up a commodities account in the 90's after reading the worlds most powerful sales pitch for commodities and pyramiding as my only form of MM. I lost all of it and am also grateful for that, because it was a lesson I could have never learned otherwise.

I am definitely contrary in nature in regards to most peoples thinking and have been since the first day of grade school and earned the nickname "Oscar....the grouch" Life is new for me as I am a new dad at 47 and loving it! I live in the Philippines and work abroad. I hope to one day trade for a living and invest my time into my family.

I am starting fresh and will be lurking mostly. Reading notes, then watching videos and hopefully finding something that will work as a way to paper trade for a year or so.

Maybe I can one day fill those empty pockets as Pippy the great once said to me.

Cheers and as Michael all so often blesses us with his encouraging words... "Good luck and good trading"!

Decoherence said:
I hate working for others because I'm a hard worker but such behavior is usually only rewarded with more work-load compared to your co-workers who get paid the same amount.

Lol so true. Never become irreplaceable, because then you won't rise in the ranks of corporate.

As for why I'm at FXG:
I started off trading with stocks in 2011 and did decent for what I was doing. Was just buying good companies, collecting dividends and swing trading some volatile stocks. But what killed me was the commissions and, really, the very real wall to good profits if you don't have a big account.

So I discovered FX and I was hooked by it's complexity. Maybe I'm the only one, but to me - understanding pips, currency rate exchanges, all the layers of who runs the market, all the fundamentals of the entire world - were complex and intriguing. First step was figuring out how leverage and pips related to me, which took a good amount of study. Wanted to be able to calculate pip values in my head before I moved on!

Anyway so I already knew TA and how to read reports, study news, but it didn't really work in FX the same way. I was perplexed and began seeking 'better' knowledge, and I found ICT on YouTube searching for "Market Maker". Since then I've studied his work.

He really helped me see the market structure for what it is and what to expect, in general. My TA knowledge still applies here and there, but knowing why price moves to where it does was a catalyst for my understanding. To add to the complexity of the FX markets, sessions being important was a pretty big change of mindset too. It was immediately obvious when I studied it for myself.

Quick google search on ICT lead to FXGears, and here I am. It's crazy how ICT-material has shaped this forum. I look forward to learning more with all of you - including the more disgruntled members.

I want to move away from my programming business and into trading FX full-time. I've come to an income 'wall' in my business and want to move ahead of it through FX. I have more opportunity than most, I think, because I can just take the entire day and study charts - as long as my clients are happy.
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the dung heap keeps getting higher.

i kun't trade.

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