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Hello folks:

I am Boomerang and I am new to this forum. Just finished my first loop of the ICT Tutorials. Kept seeing all of those ICT Templates and Indicators. Wondering if there is some location out there where I can download those ICT Indicators & Templates ?

Also, I am aware of Bill Williams's 5 bar fractal indicator. Is there a 3 bar fractal indicator out there ?

Thanks in advance.
Can anyone point me to where I can find the _ICT MarketStructure.mq4 indicator? I already have the compiled ex4 file but I would like to see the mq4 code to understand how this indicator works. Thanks.
Thanks for the link. Seems like a lot of people are criticizing ICT. I only discovered ICT yesterday and was browsing through some of the info here. It sure is a lot of info for free. Maybe ICT is just a very generous guy. The info I went through seemed OK to me but I didn't review much or even explored what I reviewed deeply enough. As time permits I'll go through some more and hopefully there are some gems in there.

Thanks again for the link especially since it referred to an interesting link of resources for beginners here:
FTMO Trader Scouting