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AusDoc said:
A natural ability to read the market is a great talent to have. Alas, it is very rare.

ICT certainly reads markets very well but what he demonstrates is learned skill. It was hard-won by years of chart time, some trial and error and a lot of disciplined study. He has certainly made the journey from novice to expert and one could safely assume he possesses a range of talents and personal qualities that equipped him.

I would definitely not mistake this for some rare natural gift though. He may appear to just "see" trades but that isn't an accurate characterisation of what's going on. Even if he sometimes feels as though he just "sees" them, it is just the operation of learned expertise.

This is an important point and I hope people find it motivational. The fact is that if it were not the case then there would be little point in people following ICT's teaching. What he does can be learned and it can be taught.

And you Hopiplaka my friend, are well along your own journey to expertise. It is not always easy to be sufficiently self-aware to realise just how one thinks and processes data and for some who progress rapidly and possess a number of enabling skills and qualities it can be so elusive as to remain subconscious.
And don't forget the Soul Crushing losses. Some of his post-live stream Q&As have been enlightening. 500k USD in a month. That changes you in ways I don't think any of us can. Which is also why he's so big on Risk Management.


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Hopiplaka said:
Thanks AusDoc for your kind words. If this endeavour comes to a good end and I earn a respectable income from FX, I come over to Australia and buy you a couple of bears :)
I heard he prefers Bulls to Bears.. ;)


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sqa said:
Anyone visited Norfolk Island? Any thoughts on the place? ;D
Yes, I've been there a couple of times. Thoughts...

Very quiet and laid back. Not a lot to do so can be a very relaxing place. For instance, when it's cold, reading by an open fire or rugging up and heading out for walk are two good options. It can be rainy and showery quite a lot. Whenever you fly in it can present a challenge due to cloud and the awkward placement of a mountain relative to the runway. The local hospital is very basic and limited so don't get sick or become injured. It is now serviced by air ambulance from NSW. The locals are friendly, not many tourists are eaten these days. Overall, it's not a bad spot for a short visit but I can think of many that are better, though this may depend on why you want to go there.


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HOLDS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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